We believe the gospel impacts and transforms all aspects of our lives, our family, our neighborhoods, the arts, our faith communities, the marketplace and our world. As a faith community following Christ we are called to respond by engaging others with compassion, love and hope.

ChurchONE supports local, regional and international efforts including World Relief | Samaritan’s Purse | Operation Christmas Child | Helping Up Mission | Araminta Freedom Initiative | Uncuffed | ACTC



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Pastors | Staff

Ed DeYoung | Point Pastor

Mike Donohue | Point Teaching Pastor
Kyle Danaher | Admin & Programming
Anne Nielsen | Kids Director
Worship | Kevin Adams, Erin Dance


The varied, rich and insightful perspectives of our community of teachers challenges, informs and inspires us as we explore the meaning and mystery of the Bible. The teaching community of ChurchONE provides the balance of our teaching throughout the year along with invited guest teachers, pastors, leaders and friends.

George Antonakos
Sarah Batley
Laurie DeYoung
Mike Donohue | Point Teaching Pastor
Renee Frustaci


We partner with parents to help children embrace God’s love, learn about Jesus and serve others.

Infants and pre-school kids are welcomed to the KIDS Center and elementary aged children attend worship with their families and are dismissed before the message for their graded class activities.

We know it’s hard to plug into the weekend experience if you are thinking about your child’s well-being. For the safety and security of our kids and volunteers we have some simple procedures. Each child is registered to enter our classrooms. If you are a first-time guest or visitor make sure to stop by the KIDS Center to say hello, get acquainted and register your child. We will answer any questions you may have and you can meet our KIDS Director and your teacher scheduled for that morning.

C1 KIDS are introduced to the same values we hold as a community. Scripture, Sabbath, Spiritual Practices, Spiritual Friendships and Service.

With stories, singing, games and activities, we worship with children—of all ages and abilities—as they learn about Jesus and one another. You will meet our volunteers welcoming you to the KIDS Center as well as our classroom teachers and helpers.

Infants and toddlers are nurtured and cared for by loving adults who engage with them, read stories and sing songs about Jesus. 

Preschool children begin learning how to develop a healthy view of God and the world. With games and stories, they begin to learn that Jesus loves them. Young children learn about community when they receive consistent care from loving and capable adult volunteers and being around others. Even from a young age, children can practice serving—especially with the family at home and in our classrooms.

Elementary students learn amazing things about the character of God and that He can be trusted. With active and interactive groups, students uncover practical ways to be like Jesus and respond to the world around them. Spiritual Friendships are an essential part of growth. Elementary students meet in groups where they learn they can trust God and others. Elementary students really begin to understand how to live like Jesus when they learn to serve. We talk about serving our family, our friends, at school and in our community. We also encourage children to take part in our regular Elementary service projects.

ChurchONE does not baptize infants but we offer Child Dedication whereby parents commit to raising their children by biblical principles while participating in our faith community. We believe the act of Baptism requires a cognitive level of understanding and developmental readiness infants do not have.

At Dedication, God’s blessing is invoked upon the children, and the parents publicly in the assembly, commit themselves to raise their children in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Scripture. Dedication is not a sacrament; nor does it impart grace or salvation to a child.

We will baptize a child if they clearly understand what Jesus has done and can speak about it in a way indicating their faith is personal and real.